The Vicar’s Picnic is focused on welcoming all people to the festival and will do all we can to ensure those that deaf and disabled customers are able to enjoy the full experience of the event.

Contact Details
Maddy Harris is the Access Officer for the Vicar’s Picnic and will be happy to answer any questions that you have to enable you to fully enjoy the festival.  Maddy’s contact details areas follows:  Maddy will try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Download link for all access info
The information on this page can be downloaded in pdf format from the following link:

Attitude is Everything – Accessible Volunteering Policy 2015

Trader Questionnaire

Site Description
The Vicar’s Picnic is held on a small site, which is a field on the banks of the River Medway, so all the facilities are easily accessible within a short distance.  The ground at the festival site is uneven in places, but generally level with the car park and campsite both being adjacent to the main arena, so there are no long walks involved.  The main pedestrian access to the site will be across a small footbridge, but this will be flat and not include steps.  We are not big enough festival to create a separate disabled camping area, but we will do all we can to ensure that your requirements will be accommodated.

Bookable Access Facilities 
We do not have specific disabled facilities that can be booked in advance, but if you have special needs then please email Maddy and she will do all she can to accommodate your needs.

How To Apply
Please email Maddy with the details of your request together with a copy of relevant information.

Travel Guide
The festival site is not well served by public transport, but the car park will have an area set aside for disabled parking, which will be close to the main pedestrian entrance to the festival site.  Please bring your Blue Badge with you to get access to the disabled parking area.

Arrival Guide
Please ask for Maddy on arrival at the main entrance if you need assistance on arrival.

Disabled toilets will be provided in two of the sets of toilets on the site and these will be clearly labelled so that they should be available when needed.

VP Accessible toilet sign

Medical Services
A medical facility provided by a specialist company will be available on-site during the event, including a first responder being on-site overnight.

Access to Performance
There will not be a separate viewing platform, but the stages are being set out in a manner that should provide good viewing.

Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs will of course be allowed into the site, but please email Maddy before coming to the festival so that we are aware of your need and bring proof that the dog is registered with an accredited organisation.

Strobe Lighting
We do not intend to have any strobe lighting as part of the event and will endeavour to ensure that all the artists performing abide by this policy.