The Vicar’s Picnic is very proud of its passionate support of charitable causes, both to Yalding village and the Kent-wide community.

In the last few years we have given significant donations to two awe-inspiring local charities: the much respected and admired Hospice in the Weald and the incredible Demelza House. This year we are extremely delighted to announce that we will be supporting Dandelion Time that provides troubled families with an individually focused therapeutic undertaking. Given time and space in the natural environment and support from therapeutic practitioners, families work together to find ways to restore trust, gain strength and make positive and sustainable changes in their lives. Dandelion Time use a combination of one-to-one and group family sessions, families take part in practical farm and craft activities in which they engage with the natural world and processes, bringing therapeutic and developmental benefits whilst families enjoy being together in a relaxed supportive environment. Two of the key therapies used by Dandelion Time are outdoor events and music, so a link to an outdoor music festival is an obvious one.

To learn more about Dandelion Time and the fantastic work they do, please click on this link

Finally, for a few days each year, our beautiful little village of Yalding comes close to being overwhelmed with all the festival-related activity and ensuing disruption – and no-one complains. As a thank you to our infinitely patient neighbours and the wonderfully supportive Parish Council, over the years we have been in a position to help numerous local causes, including Yalding preschool and Yalding Sports Association. We’ve sponsored shirts for the local kid’s football team, provide funds to the cricket club, supported disability awareness and were delighted to purchase a defibrillator for the village community, proving once and for all that by keeping our finger on the musical pulse, we can help put the beat back into the hearts of everyone!